Merry Christmas!

My Beloved,christmas-present

I am so very proud of you and amazed by all that you are able to juggle at once! You are such an incredible wife! You take care of your man, you raise Alexander with such love and devotion around the clock, you make our house a home, and you run all of the necessary errands and handle so much of the day-to-day to ensure that our family is able to function (and function well!). Outside of the home and as if you had the time, you continue to be such an active blessing to your friends and the high school students you mentor. On top of all of this, you have done a wonderful job of growing your editing business organically, through word of mouth and with consistently happy clients every time you put the figurative red pen to paper. All of this to say, you are awesome, I love you, and I am amazed by you. I hope the domain, this website, the email, and the business cards soon to follow will be a blessing to you as you expand your editing empire! :)

All of this is yours to customize to your liking. I purchased this domain for you after much in the way of negotiations with the prior owner and I hired a professional designer to create several logo variations for you. I even designed my own logos to show him what I was looking for! I have been able to carve out time with a professional web developer to set you up on an active hosted server and to customize the layout of the site to my liking to provide you with a functional framework for you to use immediately. However, ultimately, my hope is that you will customize this to be exactly as you had dreamed. You are an editor after all and I am sure there are adjustments you would like to make. :) For that purpose, I have also set aside an unlimited budget for you to design and edit as you see fit.

I love, adore, and respect you tremendously. I pray you will know how very much you are cherished this Christmas! You are, after all, the best gift I have ever been given after Christ!

Your loving husband,

Joshua Paul